Chinese Herbs as Medicine

56Chinese herbal treatments have been in use since ancient times. These treatments are based on the analysis of the body mechanism which is based on the principles of Daoism. The treatment of various illnesses is based on the diagnosis and the symptoms. The treatment of an illness using Chinese herbs acts on the body internally. Along with herbal treatments, several other remedial measures, such as acupuncture, qigong exercise, and lifestyle management may also be prescribed as part of the treatment process.

Chinese herb therapy has gained a significant amount of interest recently, simply because of the absence of side-effects from the treatments. This is because, the treatments are taken in a whole food form. This way, the drugs are not reduced to their chemical fundamentals (as is the case in Western medicine).

Sometimes, herbal treatment may produce effects which may seem like side effects. However, what is really happening is that the body is detoxifying, and the symptoms worsen before they completely disappear.

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Swine Flu Natural Remedies

55Swine flu is a disease of the respiratory system, caused by the H1N1 virus or type A influenza virus, and has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Initially, reported only in pigs, but as of recent, a considerable number of cases in humans, have been reported all over the world. The cases of this respiratory infection are rising on a daily basis, and this calls for different treatment options that are effective in relieving the symptoms.
It also calls for more awareness about its causes, symptoms, and treatments. Though the most popular treatment adopted by those suffering from is the use of allopathic medication, these drugs don’t really cure the condition. They merely control or reduce the symptoms. It must be noted that the symptoms tend to regress, if the condition is not fully cured. Some people consider the herbal remedies to be better treatment options, as these don’t give rise to the side effects that are generally caused by allopathic medicines.

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Natural Testosterone Supplements for Women

54Testosterone is a male sex hormone and is produced in the testes. An adequate level of testosterone in the body is necessary for the overall well-being. Although women secrete testosterone in small amounts, deficiency of this hormone can gravely affect women.

It is observed that sexual performance dips in both men and women during low testosterone levels. Sexual dysfunction, low sex drive and dissatisfaction after sexual activity are some of the common complaints in women that arise due to inadequate testosterone levels. Hormonal changes are relatively common in 30 plus women and those in their early 40s. To be precise, these are hormonal disturbances that increases estrogen levels but slows down testosterone production. In such circumstances taking natural supplements that act as natural testosterone enhancers would be an effective way to restore sexual health in women. It is discussed below:

Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

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Acne Herbal Treatment

53Acne vulgaris, or simple acne, is one of the most annoying skin conditions, which usually manifests when an individual enters the puberty stage. An increased secretion of sebum from the sweat glands causes blockage of the skin pores, resulting in different types of acne. The causes of acne are oily skin, hormonal changes, and hereditary predisposition.
Besides washing the affected area twice daily, using minimum makeup, and avoiding irritation, there are certain herbal treatment options that can be done. When it comes to long-term effects and complications, herbal treatment is much safer in comparison to chemical formulations. By opting for the herbal method, you are using plant-based products that are healthy for the skin.

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Herbal Medicine in the Philippines

52Herbal medicine is a type of alternative medicine, which makes use of plant parts or plant extracts for therapeutic purposes. Traditional herbal medicine has been popular in Philippines since long time.
Herbs had been used as an effective tool for treating ailments before the introduction of modern medicines. Till today, herbs and herbal drugs are used to promote the overall health as well as for treatment of various diseases.

Pilipino Herbal Medicine

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